52 Interesting And Amazing Facts Of The World

Amazing Facts Of The World

52 interesting and amazing facts of the world: Amazing Facts Of The World

Are you excited to know the amazing facts of the world? Then you should read this article. I will share with you some Awesome facts which are important to know

  1. As compared to the concrete the bones of the Human thighs are more strong.
  2. If you cut the head of the Cockroaches, then he can live for many weeks because the location of their brains is inside their body and finally the main reason behind their death is no food.
  3. One of the most amazing facts of the world is, a British person keep his name difficult, so the telemarketers feel it difficult to pronounce.
  4. Scientists normally hunt down those butterflies who can travel more than 3,000 miles.
  5. To produce one-pound honey, one bee has to visit 2 million flowers.
  6. In 2080 the population would exceed to 10.8 billion.
  7. A normal person breathes more than 7,000 times in one year.
  8. Now estimated more than 60,000 people are on an airplane for the purpose to visit the United States.
  9. One Swedish woman found her wedding ring after 16 years later in a garden while developing on a carrot.
  10. Japanese people considered the crooked teeth attractive and beautiful.
  11. In 1986 Apple launched a clothing line by the name of train wreck.
  12. In Japan, a person considered to be a lucky one whose baby child are cried by the sumo wrestler.
  13. You can’t sell a haunted house In New York without informing the buyer.
  14. In the happy condition, Gorillas posset.
  15. Honey is one of those things which can never be spoiled.
  16. If you want to live longer, then you should eat spicy food as much as you can.
  17. Dry fruits have more vitamins and minerals as compared to any fruit.
  18. Most of the people have Potassium deficiency.
  19. Chewing gum will help you to burn 11 calories in one hour without any calories.
  20. If you thinking that you are unique, then you shouldn’t think like that because there are more than 7,184 people like you.
  21. While urinating, male dogs lift their legs show that they are tall.
  22. As compared to the other lines mountain lions can easily whistle.
  23. People who have blue eyes really like the alcohol.
  24. A tarantula can easily live without food for two years.
  25. Fingerprints and tongue prints of every person is totally different.
  26. One of the most amazing facts of the world is, you are unable to out the soap in your eyes.
  27. A person can’t count his hairs.
  28. Cockroach considers it unfortunate for themselves to touch the human beings.
  29. Only 44% people are satisfied from the sex.
  30. After 50 years the world population would increase to 7 billion.
  31. Caffeine is considered to be the most common drug which is normally used around the world.
  32. Bible is considered to be the most selling book of the world.
  33. If you speak more than one language, it shows that you have increased IQ.
  34. Copyrightable is one of those words which is normally pronounced without the repeating.
  35. Blind people can easily see the things in the dream.
  36. You can’t buy the happiness with money, but you can cry peacefully.
  37. As compared to the alcohol milk can help you to forget about your pain.
  38. Globally, Mohammad is one of the most common words.
  39. As compared to the males females feel more pain.
  40. There are only two reasons to remember a person. First of all happiness and second is love.
  41. Cows can be your best friends who become stressed when you leave them.
  42. If you have the habit to talk to yourself, then you have the high I.Q.
  43. Hellow word specially invented for those people who don’t know how to start the conversation on the telephone.
  44. Did you know funny facts? School word is driven from the Greek word which means “free time.
  1. A blue whale can easily live for six months without eating anything.
  1. In Canada, it is not legal to remove the bandages in public.
  1. Canada is fully packed with the lakes as compared to any other country.
  1. More than 50 % people do their first kiss in the age of 13-15.
  1. Chocolate and marijuana both are helpful to stimulate the human brain.
  1. As compared to the teenagers, children laugh more in a day.
  1. Globally, chicken quantity is more as compared to the human.
  2. The amazing facts of the world are; more than 10% people live on the island.