Top 47 Cool Interesting Facts Everyone Wishes to Know

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Top 47 cool interesting facts everyone wishes to know

Want to know about the interesting and knowledgeable facts about the animals, Mammals, Budgies,Humans, Ferrets and Culinary Arts? This article is fully packed with the interesting facts. Read on!

cool interesting facts-randomsfact

Top 47 cool interesting facts

  1. Want to know the interesting facts about the sport? The first one is, football is the most preferred sport around the world. You may know that boxing was considered to be illegal, it became legal in 1901.
  2. In 1799 Jean Genevieve Garnerin did the about jumping from the hot air balloon and parachute.
  3. I’m sure that you know about the Leonardo da Vinci. He has the capability to write and draw the image with one hand together.
  4. We all use the coffee mugs in our offices but on the other hand, it is the fact that it contains 20% fecal substance.
  5. In the list of cool interesting facts, you must know the fact about weight loss. If you want to lose weight instantly then you should hit your head against a wall. It would help you to burn more than 150 calories in one hour.
  6. During the whole life, one person is capable of producing an adequate amount of saliva which is sufficient to fill two swimming pools.
  7. Bikinis and tampons are normally used by the women’s, but men invented both of these things.
  8. According to the Psychologists, “Facebook Addiction” is a mental sickness.
  9. When hippos get upset, their sweat changes into red.
  10. UK country consider its illegal to have mince pies on the Christmas Day!
  11. On Monday most of the Heart attacks happened.
  12. If a person farts for six years & 9 months, he can produce sufficient gas, which is perfect to create the atomic bomb energy!
  13. 12 pubic hairs are normally included in the fast food intake of an average person.
  14. For are beans, corn, bell peppers, cabbage and milk are the best food.
  15. Hobo Spider is the other name of the species of spider.
  16. It is impossible for a person to snore and dream together.
  17. Famous social media like Facebook, Skype and Twitter, are banned in China.
  18. Arab women have the right to file for a divorce if their husbands don’t make coffee for them.
  19. In Uganda, 50% population consists of the 15 years age children’s.
  20. A person can’t lick his elbow.
  21. People normally say you “Bless you” at the time when you sneeze because at that time the heart stops for less than one second.
  22. Pigs can’t see up in the sky.
  23. Twit is the other name of the pregnant goldfish.
  24. Rats and horses are unable to vomit.
  25. In the case of the hard sneezing, chances are there that your rib will be fractured.
  26. In the case of opening the eyes by force while sneezing, chances are there that your eyeball will pop out.
  27. When you wear the headphones for more than one hour, the bacteria will increase in your for more than 700 times.
  28. Before the match, the lighter was invented.
  29. Fish scales are normally used for the manufacturing of lipsticks.
  30. Every person has the different Fingerprints and tongue print.
  31. A crocodile is powerless to move its tongue and chew the food but on the other hand due to the strong digestive juices it can easily digest a hard pin.
  32. As compared to the cold water Hot water is heavier.
  33. Pigs and rabbits are deprived of the Sweating nature.
  34. It is impossible for a person to kill himself by holding his breath.
  35. In a single day your heart beats for more than 100,000 times.
  36. One of the cool facts is, Women blink more than the men.
  37. Honey is the first and last food on the earth which does not indulge ever.
  38. The original color of the Coca-Cola is green if flavor color is not added into it.
  39. The ratio of killed people from bees are more than the snakes.
  40. Dolphins have the ability to sleep with one eye open!
  41. You can’t sneeze with the open eyes.
  42. Orgasm time of a pigs is 30 minutes.
  43. Butterflies Feet’s normally play the role of the testbeds.
  44. Except humans, dolphins are one more species who do sex for pleasure.
  45. In France, people marry with the dead person.
  46. In the birds category, only owls can see the blue color.
  47. A child has 300 bones, but when he became an adult, only 206 bones left.

Above are the cool interesting facts every people wish to know this facts. Many people love to see amazing facts of the world.