44 Awesome Fun fact of the day about life

Fun fact of the day

44 Awesome Fun fact of the day:

Are you excited to know the fun fact of the day? Then you should read this article. I will share with you some Awesome facts which are important to know for every single human being. Read on!

Fun fact of the day


Fun Fact Of The Day:

  1. The best Fun fact of the day is; 19 November is considered to be the bad day ever. However, 2nd April is celebrated as the jelly day.
  1. When we talk about the 11 April 1954, it is considered to be the most boring day of the history. Just because of the boring feature this day becomes interesting for the people.
  2. Just like the skin teeth are the most precious part of the human body because it determines the age, habits, and lifestyle of the person.
  3. In one day more than 70000 different thoughts come to the person mind.
  4. If you get angry with your lover for more than three days, then it shows that you are not a true lover.
  5. In most of the countries, gay marriage is nor legal, but there are eight states in which it is legal. On the other hand, having sex with a horse is also legal in almost 23 countries.
  6. Apples are considered to be the best item to eat in the breakfast as compared to the coffee.
  7. As compare to the other working people, fingers of the writers and typewriters travel almost 12.6 miles.
  8. Ireland is totally free from the snacks and just because of this reason people considered it best country for the vacations.
  9. The size of the eyeball remains same from birth to death.
  10. Religious people don’t become the victim of heart diseases.
  11. Mosquitos attract to those people who eat more banana.
  12. According to one study, mice doesn’t like the cheese.
  13. If you want that your flowers grow faster, then keep them in the fun and fascinating place.
  14. The main reason behind the death of male sex is sex.
  15. The maximum sleeping time of the snails is more than three years.
  16. Broccoli is one of those flowers which is also considered to be the flower.
  17. Globally the size of the largest painting is 72437 square feet.
  18. The original name of the Tom& Jerry is, Jasper & Jinx.
  19. As compared to the U.S government apple is fully packed with the more money.
  20. As compared to the body, a brain has more water like 80%.
  21. In 1830, ketchup was considered as the medicine.
  22. As compared to the Giraffe a duck has more bones.
  23. The color of the hippo milk is pink.
  24. Maximum 6 months is required to make the next episode of the Simpson’s.
  25. 595 oranges can easily charge an iPhone.
  26. As compared to the cell phone computer is cheaper and powerful.
  27. In pictures, if you want to look bigger than you should wear the yellow dress but on the other hand if you want to look smaller then prefer wearing the green color.
  28. Paper money of the US contains cocaine traces.
  29. Elephants are not capable for the jumping.
  30. The color of the Giraffes tongue is black.
  31. Fun fact of the day is; the internet is the best medium for the enjoyment.
  32. I’m fine sentence considered to be the most common lie.
  33. Want to know the official name of the Mexico’s? It is United Mexican States.
  34. If you want to improve your sleep quality, then you should eat the cheese before going to bed.
  35. If you have the higher self-esteem, then you have the tendency to keep your relationship longer.
  36. For more than 150 years’ bees are busy in making the honey for the humans.
  37. Kissing and sex are one of that activity which burns your celeries.
  38. When you are love with someone, you normally ignore his faults and flaws.
  39. Nose prints are the best way to identify the dogs just like human’s fingerprints are normally used for the identification.
  40. One of the surprising Fun facts of the day is, women is considered to be the most complicated creature on the earth.
  41. According to one study, makes prefer the blondes as compared to the brunettes.
  42. The amazing fun facts of the day is; people make the scenarios before falling asleep.
  43. Avocados contains extreme nutrients as compared to any other fruit or vegetable.