34 Interesting Funny Facts About Men

Funny Facts About Men

Funny facts about men:

Did you know funny facts about men? If not, then you should read this article.


Funny Facts About Men

Funny facts about men

  1. You will be surprised to know that you can check your boyfriend unfaithful through one method. For this purpose, you have to find out the IQ of your boyfriend. According to one study, the less your boyfriend IQ level will be, the more he will be unfaithful.
  2. Have a look at the funny facts about men. The time a person spends on staring women, it is equal to one year of his life.
  3. You will be horrified to know that most of the men killed by their wives.
  4. As compared to the women Men speak more lie with the average ratio of 6 times in one day.
  5. For the man, it is dangerous to put the laptop on his lap because it is considered to be the main reason for infertility.
  6. Men spend sufficient time to shave their face. According to one research, single men spends almost six months of his lifetime to shave the face.
  7. Pilgarlick males are more strong as compared to the men who have the hair on their head.
  8. One of the funniest facts about men is, satisfied males in regards to the sex and marriage has more attractive wives.
  9. In the India, it is legal for the male to get married with a dog.
  10. Smoking is the main reason of impotence in men. Just because of it I would personally recommend you to quit smoking for the sake of your health.
  11. The funny differences between men and women facts are, for the very first time men wear the high heels, and then women started wearing it to look more masculine than males.
  12. In Russia and Brazil, men perform more suicide than women and just because of this reason the suicide ratio in these countries are higher than the others.
  13. S is one of those countries where Father’s day was celebrated on19 June 1910.
  14. Mother’s Day was invented first. And after that Father’s day were announced for the recognition of fathers.
  15. Did you know funny facts about men? They are 50% less chubby as compared to the males and 50% more muscle than the adult female.
  16. Every male thinks that handsome salary and successful career is very important for the happy life but in reality, it is not like that. The ratio of the successful career for the happy life is 59%.
  17. According to one study, the brain of the women and men function differently. Men useless brain and they focus on one thing at one time but on the other hand, women brain is used to do multitasking.
  18. Funny differences between men and women are, men brain are larger in size as compared to the women, approximately 10% because of the extra muscle mass and a large height, which demands more neurons for complete body control.
  19. In the age of 12 to 14 years’ sexual maturity is very common in Boys. Apart from that in this age their voice changes and puberty come about. In the girl’s timbre and puberty occurs later.
  20. During puberty, both girls’ and boys’ voices change dramatically.
  21. As compared to the girl’s boys become the victim of the autistic spectrum, and their ratio is 3 to 4%.
  22. In the U.S males are more prone to the Cancer.
  23. In 1927 on screen kiss was done by two males.
  24. By 2020, the ratio of unmarried males in China would be increased.
  25. The walking speed of the male becomes less when he walks with his wife or girlfriend.
  26. In the U.S 450 males died every year because of breast cancer.
  27. According to one study, males are more flatulent than the females.
  28. It is a trend for the males to say “I love you” first as compared to the females.
  29. Males are more promiscuous when women become helpless.
  30. As compared to the women, males become more targeted by breast cancer.
  31. Men are more likely to sweat more as compared to the females.
  32. Men who are used to kiss her wife or girlfriend while leaving the home for office do their work more calmly.
  33. Kiss and Sex are one of those languages which men understand instantly.
  34. The most funny facts about men are, I love you ruin his ego.