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Top 8 Funny Facts You are Going to hear this Year

funny facts

Top 10 Funny Facts :

Starting off with the best of the funny facts that you are going to read here in this article… But hey wait! Do not continue reading this article if you have Cherophobia because Cherophobia is the fear of fun. Yes! There is a name to this even this DISEASE. Interesting, isn’t it? That many people in this world suffer from this ‘fear of fun’ that it has been given a name of a disease too.

If you are apprehending that this article might include the most boring funny facts then brace yourselves, you are about to come on such a journey of reading the most amazing facts that you would never have heard or read or known about ever before in your life.


List Of Best Funny Facts

  1. It has been too long that you have been asking a billion of people and reading a gazillion of articles that how to burn your calories for losing some weight. Well now here is a way to burn 150 calories in a second by just banging your head on the wall. Truly effective, isn’t it? But don’t you try this out ever because banging your head on the wall might burn extra calories off you but you might end up hurting yourself badly.funny facts
  2. If you are to be asked now that what the boiling point of water is then most probably you would all know the answer that it is a hundred degree Celsius but another interesting thing to tell you here is that the human saliva has a far greater boiling point than that of regular water.funny-facts
  3. These shrinks (psychologists) can sometimes be very funny people, a funny fact to tell you about them is that they have even named a mental disorder as “Facebook Addiction Disorder’, like seriously? funny facts
  4. Eagles are indeed very scary birds. If you don’t believe this, then read the fact that they can kill a deer and then fly away holding it whole.funny facts
  5. This is something that will bring relief to the people who dream while sleeping, and why is that so? Because you must know that people cannot dream and snore at the same time. So, if you are a frequent dreamer, then you are not a snore while you are asleep.funny facts
  6. An octopus, an aquatic creature so humongous, when it is born its size is just of a flea and then later in life it grows to its large size, and that is done only in the three to five years of its complete lifespan.funny facts
  7. In the year 2008, a survey was done to find out the results that 58% of British teenagers thought that Sherlock Holmes was a person in real and 20% thought that Winston Churchill was not. Wow!funny facts
  8. Nutella, which has been successful in making its place in the hearts, stomachs, and fridges of people for a long time was invented during the World War two when an Italian pastry maker needed to increase his chocolate ration, so he added hazelnuts to chocolate to fulfill this purpose. Okay, you must be rushing to grab the jar of Nutella from your kitchen after reading this. Enjoy!

funny facts