Top 20 Interesting Amazing Outer Space Facts about Moon , Sun etc


Amazing Outer Space Facts:

Here are amazing Outer Space Facts that’ll blow your head. As the festive period is here lots of family time and social gatherings are part of the itinerary for most. Rather than telling the regular old Christmas cracker jokes why not amuse your family and friends with these amazing space facts rather this year?

We’ve eight planets in our Solar System. The extra-solar planets or exoplanets are in orbit around another star. With another 3000 expecting confirmation, up to now we’ve nearly 1800 supported new planets. Astronomers are looking for planets that could be habitable to a star’s goldilocks zone. Most planets found so far are gas giant planets that are hot.

Outer Space Facts

  • In space the skin in your feet peels off:

This is a rather gross fact but in the microgravity environment, astronauts aren’t using their feet to walk. Thus the skin flakes off and on their feet begins to soften. As laundry facilities don’t exist in space, astronauts will wear exactly the same underwear and socks for a day or two. Those socks subsequently must be taken off quite lightly.

  • On Venus a day is a year:


  • The astronauts were put in quarantine after returning from the moon:

There’s a well-known picture of President Nixon speaking to the Apollo 11 crew consisting of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin. Following this it was determined the Moon didn’t include any fatal disorders. The Apollo 13 crew, who had to return to Earth and had a malfunction, did not need to be quarantined after their reentry as they didn’t actually walk on the moon.

Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin

  • Early astronomers believed the Earth was at the center of the Universe but we understand the Sun is at the center of our Solar System and our planets orbit the Sun:

    Outer Space Facts

  • Another change to the body in micro gravity is as gravitation isn’t shoving you down, that back straightens out:

    Outer Space Facts

  • Some times in Northern Ireland the weather, particularly here on the Earth can be a bit rubbish:

Yet our weather is fantastic compared to some of the other planets. Jupiter has winds that are rapid and a massive hurricane fashion thunderstorm, the Great Red spot, has raged there for the last 300 years. Mars and Mercury have extreme temperature changes in exactly the same day. Uranus and Saturn also have winds that are incredibly rapid. Neptune has the fastest wind speeds! One of the Amazing Outer Space Facts.

Outer Space Facts weather

  • Space isn’t that far away:

Space formally starts at the worldwide mark of the Karman Line. This invisible border is 100km above the Earth. In theory if you could drive your automobile upwards, you might be in less than hour in space.


Outer Space Facts Karman Line


  • The hottest planet isn’t the closest planet to the Sun:

It isn’t really the hottest while Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Mercury doesn’t have any atmosphere significance this planet is not just cold in the day when it’s facing the Sun. At this point temperatures can climb to 425°C but at nighttime the earth’s temperature can drop down to a freezing -180°C.One of the Amazing Outer Space Facts.

Outer Space Facts hottest planet

  • The moon appears larger on the Horizon:

There’s an optical illusion that makes the moon seem to be bigger the lower it’s in the heavens. Our atmosphere not causes the apparent magnification. It’s more of a head trick. When the moon is nearer to the horizon, it’s closer to things like trees and buildings which so in comparison makes the moon appear larger. Yet there are times when the moon actually is more giant. This occurs about once per month, due the moon’s orbit around the World. Generally, is unnoticeable to the eye. Yet when a full moon happens at exactly the same time of the moon’s perigee it can be called a Superb moon and seems 12-14% larger than standard!

Outer Space Facts

  • He has a crater on the moon, and catalogued many stars and things, and supernova remnant named after him:

Yet his outrageous antics are possibly just as fascinating. After losing his actual one in a sword fight he wore an imitation silver nose and he also had a pet moose which expired falling down the stairway after one to many drinks. Astronauts are actually star sailors.

Outer Space Facts


  • The word astronaut comes from the Greek word “Astron”:

    which means “ and star nautes” which means sailor. The Russian cosmonaut has a similar significance from ‘kosmos’ significance ” sailor and again “nautes universe.


  • It’s possible for you to weep in space n’t fall but your tears do:

On-board the International Space Station, water floats like spheres or bubbles. Yet the water will cling to a surface until it’s dislodged. What this means is that as the weightless environment isn’t causing your tears to fall tears begin to form bubbles around your eyes. This seems incredibly cool but it can not be safe. ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano endured a space suit flow whilst on a spacewalk.One of the Amazing Outer Space Facts.

  • Toilet paper and filthy panties has helped plants that were grown on the ISS:

Like their socks, knickers is just altered every 3-4 days so he found the trousers might supply a few extra nutrients for the plants!ISS

  • There’s a dwarf planet:

Dwarf planet Makemake was found at Easter 2005. Makemake in Rapa Nui was the god of fertility and the creator of mankind. He’s also a characteristic in cave drawings and many stone on the isle.One of the Amazing Outer Space Facts.

Outer Space Facts planet

  • There’s a hand, a horsehead, an unicorn, a Christmas tree nebula, fried egg and lots more:

These lovely clouds which are invisible to the naked eye actually emphasize the fact there’s a lot more occurring in the nighttime skies than you can see.

  • … will shift eventually:

A steady point in the nighttime skies will change not in our life. The Earth is the pole of our planet wobbles and so rotating like a spinning top. Vega was the additionally North Star in 12000BCE.

  • The Apollo crews didn’t have any life insurance:

On the chance the 3-man crew of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins didn’t return from the moon, no life insurance policy insured them. Before their excursion photos that could be sold in the event of their departure were signed by all 3 guys. These Insurance covers posted and were also stamped on the beginning date of the mission, July 16th 1969 by a buddy.

Before their assignment to the moon. The Apollo 11 crew were in quarantine to make certain they didn’t get ill. During this time, they signed tons of cards and pictures to act as life insurance for family. Credit: NASA.

Before their assignment to the moon. The Apollo 11 crew were in quarantine to make certain they didn’t get ill. During this time, they signed tons of cards and pictures to act as life insurance for family. Credit: NASA.

  • In space metal sticks:

In a vacuum like space, when each other they bond contact. This is a procedure called cold welding. On the Earth due to the oxygen in our environment this doesn’t occur naturally but it’s used during some production procedures. It’s something but it’s not normally an issue as an oxide layer is maintained by the astronaut’s tools when leaving Earth.

  • The furthest manmade thing is Voyager 1. It’s messages for extraterrestrial beings on board:

Their primary assignment was to see Saturn and Jupiter. Voyager 1 is farther away from Earth than the space between Pluto and the Sun. An incredible record is carried by both craft on board, that will behave like a time capsule of Earth. It’s different types of music in addition to greetings from Earth. Furthermore, it has noises of folks speaking, the sea, rocket engines, creature’s sounds and tons of pictures. All which sum up the Earth. These messages are recorded as electronic impulses which can be interpreted into words that were written. If any extraterrestrial beings discover that it’s subsequently can appreciate some Peruvian panpipes as well some Louis Armstrong!

Outer Space Facts


Needed to hear what’s on the record that is fantastic, have a listen to this.

I trust you’ve appreciated these unusual and strangee facts about space or why not add these to your Christmas repertoire of jokes.