54 random Interesting Questions To Ask in First Meeting

random Interesting Questions

Do you get bored from asking the boring questions? Want to know the random interesting questions? Now you don’t have to suffer from this problem in this article I will share with you the complete list of interesting questions so you can get to know about someone in an interesting way.

So, if you want to ask the random and interesting questions from your friend to know him in a better way than you can ask the below-mentioned questions to stop you and him from getting bored.

 random Interesting Questions

54 Random Interesting Questions:

  1. Which song did you play mostly?
  2. What period you like? Morning, evening and afternoon? Or month?
  3. Which hobby do you like to adopt?
  4. Which tasks you like to do on the daily basis?
  5. Do you like to go on the holidays? Or do you like to go on holidays?
  6. Which food or fruit you would like to take for your whole life?
  7. Which age period you would like to stay forever?
  8. If you get the opportunity to invisible you then where would you like to go?
  9. Which memory do you want to recreate again?
  10. Which name you would like to change your name, what would you change it to?
  11. If you have any plan to date any male or female, then ask the below mentioned random interesting questions to know more about her or him.
  12. Have you ever feel loved with your best friend?
  13. If you want to ask fun facts about food, then you should ask which one he likes most sweet or spicy food?

 random Interesting Questions

Looking for the best random interesting questions to ask from your friends, relatives or classmate? Then have a look on the below mentioned.

  1. Which thing makes you too scared?
  2. What accomplishment makes you feel proud?
  3. Which movies do you like to see alone at home or in cinema?
  4. Do you like to read the articles or it is a boring activity for you?
  5. Which physical attribute do you utilize about you to attract others?
  6. What is the definition of best vacation according to you?
  7. What phone model you used the first time?
  8. Place name where you grow up?
  9. Which tragedy you still remember?
  10. What is your most unusual talent?
  11. Which documentary or book exactly explain everything about you?
  12. What is the name of the person which you considered as your mentor?
  13. What’s your cheesy pick-up line that you use in your real life?
  14. Which TV show character you’ve always want to play?
  15. Do you feel it harder to tell someone that you love him?
  16. The name of the toughest thing to give up?
  17. Do you like old fashions or latest one?
  18. Do you awake early in the morning or late?
  19. Are you happy with your lifestyle or you want to change?
  20. Which thing is more important for the long lasting relationship? Love, caring or trust?
  21. What is the name of your favorite book, magazine or coffee shop?
  22. Are you chocolate lover?
  23. Do you like summer season or winter season?
  24. Tel me the name of your favorite career?
  25. What you normally do in your free time?
  26. You like to sleep on the big, medium or small bed?
  27. Tell me about yourself in just two words?
  28. How often you online on any social media?
  29. Which question you normally ask to know about anyone.
  30. Which is your favorite dish?
  31. Which thing make you happy and the one which makes you sad?
  32. Which song would you like to listen during the drive?
  33. Which one is your current favorite song?
  34. If you get the opportunity to wish one thing which would come true then what would you wish?
  35. Tell me the biggest mistake that you have done till yet?
  36. Your favorite human body part?
  37. Which is your biggest regret?
  38. To whom you lied recently?
  39. Do you like natural beauty or artificial?
  40. Which worst punishment you had as a child?
  41. Which thing do you like most about your childhood and the worst one also?


Negative Questions:

“Negative questions” area unit interrogative sentences that contain negation in their phrasing, like “Shouldn’t you be working?” These will have alternative ways of expressing affirmation and denial from the quality kind of question, and that they will be confusing, since it’s generally unclear whether or not the solution ought to be the alternative of the solution to the non-negated question. as an example, if one doesn’t have a passport, each “Do you have got a passport?” and “Don’t you have got a passport?” area unit properly answered with “No”, despite apparently asking opposite queries. the japanese and Korean languages avoid this ambiguity. respondent “No” to the second of those in Japanese or Korean would mean, “I do have a passport”.


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I hope that you find the random Interesting Questions to ask your friend, lover or relative to know him in a better way. You can ask these question to start a conversation with the stranger anybody. Don’t waste your time and give a try to these questions.